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3 Dreams of Black

3 Dreams of Black

May 13th, 2011

Happy Friday my darlings! Boy do I have a treat for you today. Jacob has agreed to do a guest post for us! Everybody say “hi Jacob!” He will give us an insider’s peek at the incredible new web-based music video “3 Dreams of Black” from Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi featuring Norah Jones and Jack White. If you aren’t already using Chrome to view this post, switch over now. Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

Some of you may remember The Wilderness Downtown, an extraordinary browser-based experience brought to you by the Google Chrome Experiments team. This week, they launched a new experiment: Rome – 3 Dreams of Black, a 3-dimensional (prepare for some geek-speak) WebGL-powered, interactive music video.

“Why is this so exciting?”, some of you may be wondering, “and what the heck is WebGL?”. WebGL allows us – The Geeks – to create crazy 3D graphics on the web in a way that utilizes all the power of your computer. Plus, it’s interactive. Whereas, we used to take a Ford Pinto into battle, we now get one of these… well, maybe not quite bullet-proof, yet, but I digress.

I’m sure by now many of you have heard the buzzword, “HTML5”. Thanks to Steve Jobs, no one has any idea what it is. While WebGL isn’t actually a part of the HTML5 spec, it does utilize a fantastic new HTML5 feature: Canvas. Canvas is exactly what it sounds like, a blank canvas in our browser where programmers can draw 2D and 3D objects, then make them do cool stuff. While Flash™ may not be available on your fancy iPad, Canvas is, and it’s way cooler. You know all those crazy gestures – finger swipes, pinches, etc – you use on your iPhone or iPad? Yeah, Canvas programmers can recognize those and do crazy stuff with them: zoom, rotate, tilt your… brain. Check out this experiment.

Here’s what Apple’s site looked like in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Here’s what we can do now:
Rome - Bird Wireframe

Not bad, huh?

Phew! Thanks Jacob! If anyone has follow-up questions, hit him up on Twitter. Handle: @jacobdubail.

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