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Dizzy Timelapse or Three Weeks of Video

Dizzy Timelapse or Three Weeks of Video

November 21st, 2011

Darlings, I am in fact alive. This Fall has been such a whirlwind, these days it’s all I can do to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground. This morning I’m nabbing a few moments with you before packing off to New York and New Jersey for Thanksgiving. A quick list of the things that have been filling my days the past weeks: school, school, school, work, school, friends, work, school, school, work, cooking, eating, sleeping, yoga, school, work. Exciting, no? Le sigh.

But here and there inspiring things (besides being engulfed in art) have permeated my cocoon. Of late, these seem more and more to be videos – each with its own particular story corresponding with a week I’ve missed here on dizzy. So, if you will indulge what may seem like three unrelated choices, I think you will enjoy them.

The first is in honor of my dear friend Savvy, who recently had a group of us over for an Indian feast and Bollywood night. She and her husband are the definition of Indian hospitality and, though I am no stranger to Bollywood, it was delightful to enjoy the film with them. This clip is from the film Dil Se, which is on the schedule for our next viewing party. I’ll admit right now that I am completely obsessed. And may or may not be practicing these dance moves.

The second is from filmmaker Sebastien Montaz-Rosset, which documents a group of friends in their exploration and development of highlining and baselining. What the heck are those, you might ask? Well watch on. And try not to hold your breath the whole time. The video isn’t half bad either.

Lastly, combining my love of The Man in Black and the world of art that has so engulfed me, I’d like to share The Johnny Cash Project with you. Continuing the trend of interactive music video projects, this website allows participants to submit a drawing for each frame of a video set to the song “Ain’t No Grave”. The community is then asked to curate the collection by voting on the best frames. While I can’t say the majority are technically stunning, the overall result is a lovely, constantly evolving homage to JR. Watch the video here.


Wishing you all a wonderful week, and everyone in the U.S. a delightful Thanksgiving.

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