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Little Bits for a Monday

Little Bits for a Monday

June 20th, 2011

For the last few weeks, the interwebs have been all abuzz with the impending release (tomorrow, in fact) of Bon Iver‘s new self-titled album, Bon Iver. Singer-songwriter Justin Vernon has surpassed himself with this effort. Blowing by past successes like so much prairie grass, Bon Iver never for a moment rests on the laurels won by Vernon’s 2007 hit album, For Emma, Forever Ago. As the good folks as NPR Music put it so nicely: “Vernon understands that the most fearless musical expression is raw, naked emotionalism — that a wink is a pose, a pose is a mask, and a mask is a forgery, so why bother with any of that?”

Below you will find the album’s first video release, featuring the single, “Calgary”. Directed by Andre Durand and Dan Huiting, and co-written by Justin Vernon himself, it’s like a high-concept dream just waiting for interpretation. Any takers?

Via Stereogum

If you haven’t yet heard the whole album, The Guardian UK (of all places) is streaming it here.

If you’ve been searching for a summer project, look no further than the fantastic DIYs at Honestly WTF. Creators Eric and Laruen are geniuses when it comes to creating striking accessories from the most common of objects. Evidence: the box braid necklace below made from micro-fiber suede and assorted washers. WTF FTW!


Images via Honestly WTF

Another item that makes me entirely too happy is this mug made by Jen Ray, aka Corduroy. I can see this little guy zapping away my troubles, particularly when aided by a good cup of coffee.

Via Poppytalk, via Craft. Image via Etsy.

But truly, is there is anything that will fill the insufferable void left by the postponement of Mad Men until 2012? It doesn’t seem likely. However, we can at least distract ourselves while maintaining some semblance of dignity. Come July, you can tear your guilty eyes away from fleshy (albeit mildly entertaining) fluff like Game of Thrones, and clap them on Season 4 of Breaking Bad. If you didn’t catch the first three seasons of this ballsy series now is your time to catch up. The show has won multiple Emmy’s including three consecutive wins for Billy Cranston (Lead Actor in a Drama Series) who delivers a performance worlds away from his days on Malcolm in the Middle.

Image via Verbose Coma

I simply had to share these jaw-dropping embroidered portraits by artist Daniel Kornrumpf. The level of detail and variation in flesh tones that he is able to achieve is astounding.

kornrumpf 1

kornrumpf 2
Via A Cup of Jo, via Illusion. Images via Daniel Kornumpf.

Lastly, for all my guys out there who loyally read to the end of my posts (and even you ladies, really), Esquire Magazine has recently put out an amusing quiz to see if you are a man. Apparently I am three quarters of a man. Who knew.
Via Yes and Yes

Here’s to a lovely week my darlings!

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