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Little Bits for a Monday

Little Bits for a Monday

October 25th, 2010 1 Comment

As some of you may remember from last week’s Bits, I mentioned the lovely and talented Laura Marling. So this morning I decided to make good on that tease and share one of my favorite songs/videos of hers. I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but I can really hear her channeling Joni Mitchell in this one. I love that her videos are like her songs understated, intriguing, genuine. And what do you think is in that suitcase?

Check out her site for more, but fair warning, the sound starts automatically (which is a pet peeve of mine). Talented young songbird that she is, Laura is naturally dating Marcus Mumford. On her website you can hear a few songs from their 2009 tour of India during which they teamed up with the Dharohar Project, a Rajasthani folk collective. The result is a four-track EP with a gloriously full sound that was released this summer.

I saw this article on A Cup of Jo last week and fell in love with the romance of it. Can you imagine the treasures of a Parisian apartment, left untouched for 70 years!? Of course they found a Boldini in it!

Usually I can take dub or leave dub, but when I came across this streaming version of Talib Kweli’s work I couldn’t pass it up. Definitely worth a listen.

As Fall tightens its grip, I find myself increasing drawn to comfortable, warm clothing, preferably of the fuzzy persuasion. So it is no surprise that upon seeing these babies I have to work very hard to avoid a disastrous spending spree. I mean, wearing them would be like having a cashmere sweater cuddle your booty all day! And are those buttons I spy down the back? These pants cost $500! Let’s get ’em!

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One Response to “Little Bits for a Monday”

  1. Kate says:

    Hi Danielle 🙂

    I’m pursuing your blog and I just have to say that article about the apartment in Paris is so neat. That must have been so amazing walking in the door for the first time. Anyway thanks for posting, keep writing, and I miss you <3