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Little Bits for a Monday

Little Bits for a Monday

January 10th, 2011

Lovelies. This edition of Little Bits is entirely dedicated to one artist, for the mere fact that I am obsessed with him. Obsessed. I do hope you will forgive, and perhaps even appreciate, my indulgence.

In my opinion, Tom Krell, who goes by the musical pseudonym How to Dress Well, is one of the most under rated artists of 2010, flying under the radar with his first 2009 EP, The Eternal Love. Krell is a philosophy student who splits his time between Cologne, Germany and Brooklyn. His music on The Eternal love consisted of rather cheap sounding, blown out home recordings, but meshed with ethereal, layered vocals, tones of contemporary R&B, and plenty of reverb. Though the project gained considerable online buzz, it wasn’t until Krell’s new 2010 collection, Love Remains, came out that HTDW began to really bend global ears. And with good reason. What separates HTDW from mainstream lo-fi and the rest of the nauseatingly ambient-leaning music world is the way Krell’s heartsick delivery can move even the people in the back row. Using the lyric-fuzzing vocal style of Sigur Ros and the Cocteau Twins, Krell creates a poignant sense of intimacy, wrapping performer and listener in velvet harmonies.

According to interviews and his blog, Krell has very specific ideas for his work as How to Dress Well, centering primarily around memory. Krell’s passion for R&B from the late 1980s and 90s is apparent in ghostly glimpses within his music, eliciting the lo-fi melancholy of sound wearing and fading over time.

Below are some of my favorite tracks from Love Remains. Hope you enjoy and have a lovely Monday.

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