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Little (tiny) Bits for a Monday

Little (tiny) Bits for a Monday

June 27th, 2011

Good morning my sweets. How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was eclipsed by the development of a nasty summer cold and little sleep. As I am still suffering through, surrounded by a rapidly growing wall of tissues, this morning’s post is going to be rather brief.

I’d like to share the first video from the six album veterans, Explosions In The Sky. With a die hard, motley fanbase, a solid discography, and having provided much of the soundtrack for (fellow Texan export) Friday Night Lights, it seems incredible that “Last Known Surroundings” is only their first music video. Perhaps the band’s expansive, ethereal guitar instrumentals are less than conducive to a coherent story as is typically seen in music videos. However, “Last Known Surroundings” weaves perfectly with the visuals produced by Sissy Emmons and David Hobizal of Austin design studio Ptarmak. Enjoy all 8 minutes of this strange, beautiful journey below. If you’re feeling a bit lost in space, don’t fret, things get more earthy at about minute 5.

Via Some Kind of Awesome

The newly launched photog company, Lytro, is developing (with the help of 50 million in funding) a consumer camera that may represent a huge step in the evolution of photography. Lytro’s light field camera allows the photographer to shoot first and focus the image later – at any point, to any point. This is possible because the camera captures the color, vector direction, and intensity of light, while a normal camera simply captures a single pane of light. Learn more and play with a few of the photos over at PetaPixel.

Lastly, I want to offer a huge congratulations to the good people of New York, who have resoundingly added themselves to the (slowly) growing list of states that uphold equality. Well done indeed!

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