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May 27th, 2011

Happy Friday my darlings! Excuse the lateness of this post, I just got off a multi-continent Skype call with my closest girlfriends. Amongst other juicy bits and bobs, boys and jobs, I naturally needed the approval of The Council on my ink. Because, yes (Dad), tomorrow I am getting my first tattoo! Hurrah! I shall of course be posting pictures once it is actually on my skin, but for now here is what will be poked into mercilessly into my flesh:

From “Ode To The West Wind
By Percy Bysshe Shelley

If I were a dead leaf thou mightest bear;
If I were a swift cloud to fly with thee;
A wave to pant beneath thy power, and share
The impulse of thy strength, only less free
Than thou, O uncontrollable!

What do we think my sweets? The tattoo will be on my ribs in the beautiful Burgues Script. The one detail I’ve been vacillating on is the line breaks. Just how much of a sacrilege is it to change the line breaks to fit the area better (i.e. make it more vertical)? My darling literary-wiz of a sister feels I would surely be struck down by the vengeful gods of poetry. But then again I’m taking the lines out of the context of the poem already…Thoughts?

I hope you all have a lovely, sunny, and relaxing weekend!

Image via Bella Marie Art on Pinterest via Frenchie Pop

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