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To My Man

July 20th, 2016

Three years ago today I was cinched into a skin tight chiffon bodice, nervously swirling my long train, and desperately trying to maintain a modicum of composure. I was breathing. Kind of. I was attempting to keep the wandering attention of two confections of copious white tulle under the age of four. I was waiting for my song. Because damn it, I wasn’t walking out until my bloody song was played. I shot another look at my father who was making tiny but furious gestures to an unseen agent on said mission. Finally those first heady strains of Etta’s “At Last” floated out of the hall and my heart took wings. It wasn’t just that I had been planning this moment for the past year and wanted it to be perfect (sure, that too…I’m nothing if not a perfectionist), but that this song spoke to me volumes more than the … Continue reading

Nine Months Ago

June 9th, 2016 4 Comments
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Q is Six Months Old!

March 9th, 2016

Hard to believe, but yes, our little man is six months old today. Where, oh where did the time go? No time for waxing poetic, here’s a look back over the last three months since our last photo barrage.

Christmas was special, seeing the lights and color through his eyes. I imagine the years to come will be even more so!

Sleeping is still our nemesis. Or not sleeping itself, but sleeping by himself. I snapped this picture the single, solitary time I was able to get him to nap in his little bassinet for more than 10 minutes. He did 45 minutes that time (me watching him like a disbelieving hawk the entire stretch) and has refused to repeat the performance. But isn’t he just an angel? Le sigh.

True to his roots (I’m a notorious bookworm), Q is obsessed with books. In fact, he comes the closest … Continue reading

For The Joy Of It

February 18th, 2016

Chaps. It’s all going to be ok. Really.

Q is just over 5 months old now, just cut his first tooth (my god is that thing sharp!), and just wants to sit up, stand up, or move, move, move! And all I can think is: we’re getting there. Sweet, sweet normalcy. One sign of me (literally) getting my feet under me was a recent bout of spontaneous kitchen dancing. Few things represent both symptom and cause of my happiness more than prancing about with unbridled glee whilst cooking and listening to truly wonderful music. Since there’s no video camera in my kitchen (thank goodness), allow this fellow to demonstrate (and rep my Hawks to boot!).

Much more on our little Q man coming up, but here’s a pic for his fans.

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Goodbye Alan

January 14th, 2016

It has been a difficult week for magic in this world, as we now bid goodbye to the unequalled Alan Rickman, also 69, also lost to cancer. While I feel conflicted about how much we make of celebrity deaths versus, say, the hundreds of unnamed refugees dying each day, I cannot help but mourn the passing of another giant in my own life (here’s one from the vaults expressing my love). As anyone who has ever read and loved Harry Potter knows, Rickman portrayed on film the magnificently complex character of Snape as no one else could. But Snape aside, his other works include some of my all-time favorite and formative films, such as Sense and Sensibility, Dogma, Blow Dry, Bottle Shock, and Love Actually. Not to mention his hugely humorous roles in Galaxy Quest and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

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