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4th In The Sky

4th In The Sky

July 6th, 2011

Hello my darlings! How was everyone’s long weekend? Ours was packed full to bursting with family, food, sunshine, laughter, farming, and even an Ultimate Frisbee tournament! And now I am struggling to get caught up with work. Sigh. But I did want to share with you a few of the highlights from our 4th of July.

us and melon

After a lovely, languid day together in the park, we packed off to my cousin’s 34th floor, downtown apartment with marinating jerk chicken and our miniature barbeque in hand.

artichoke dip

I also made our favorite garlicky artichoke dip and a watermelon, feta, and mint salad. To add to that, the cuz presented us with buttery soft, smoked seabass, maple-smoked salmon, black truffle infused salami, and Texas’ own Shiner Bock beer. My mother also came down for the festivities, totting produce from the garden and a delicious green salad.

salmon and view

ship buildings



Heavily sated, we were later joined by other friends for the main event: the Gas Works Park fireworks. They were as spectacular as ever; twenty solid minutes of chest thumping reports, dazzling, flickering, cascading waterfalls of color interspersed with stars, hearts, planets, and even smiley faces. Viewed from that height we were afforded their full effect on the still waters of Lake Union, which became a dark canvas for the fireworks to play across.




fireworks big



blurry smiles




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