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All You Need Is Love

All You Need Is Love

April 20th, 2011 6 Comments

My darlings, today’s post will venture into a subject that can at times be polarizing. I ask you as my readers to keep an open heart and an open mind. I would love to know your thoughts on this subject, but please keep comments respectful and kind.

As I’ve mentioned, this past weekend we had the pleasure of attending the wedding of two very dear friends. Which happened twice. Why you may ask? For the simple reason that the couple just so happens to be two males. The commitment ceremony and reception took place in Santa Monica, CA, with the official vows held two days later in Vancouver, B.C. While it saddens me that a loving and devoted couple must leave the country to make their union official, this had the happy silver lining of allowing both a huge wedding party and an intimate ceremony.

The afternoon before the wedding, Jacob and I took my dear friend Kate out to lunch at my favorite Los Feliz haunt, Alcove (fair warning: the link plays music). I couldn’t resist leaving a congratulatory wedding note for Fidel and Emil in the hidden drawers of the napkin notes table.

napkin notes

The commitment ceremony was held at Palisades Park right on Ocean Avenue, overlooking the water and a gorgeous evening sun. I wore my wedding standby: an ivory Anthropologie dress from last year. Hey if it works, it works right?

The vows were short and sweet, emotions were high, and the love so obvious I half expected birds to come flying out of the sky with heart-shaped banners and ribbons.

I’m trying to think up a way to describe the LA reception without using the words “my big fat gay wedding”. In all seriousness, it was so perfectly Fidel and Emil, with photos from their extensive travels, and escort cards organized by country. There wasn’t a single guest without a huge beaming smile on their face. These smiles grew wider with the aid of two open bars, dance music all night, a photo booth with props, and even a sexy bow-tie toss.

Around 2am, a small group of us left the reception and made our way on unsteady feet (only partially the fault of my six inch heels) to the beloved Santa Monica diner, Swingers, where we munched nachos and grilled cheese and bumped into Patti Stanger in the bathroom…who said she loved my hair. A successful night if I do say so myself.

Monday’s Vancouver ceremony and dinner were held in Stanley Park’s beautiful Teahouse Restaurant. It was lovely to get a chance to chat with the couple in a more intimate setting, and see the joy shining from their faces.

wed film strip

van table

I will leave you with this final photo and invite you to notice the pride, happiness and love displayed by the grooms’ two mothers. Fidel and Emil, we love you so much and are so happy that you found each other. We wish you all the blessings and joy in this world.

van couple

Remember my dears, all you need is love.

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6 Responses to “All You Need Is Love”

  1. Shin says:

    What an amazing ceremony! I think a love between two people should be celebrated no matter who they are! xoxoxoo

  2. Kate says:

    <3 <3 <3 !!

    This perfectly sums up our short weekend (ok day) and makes the Vancouver ceremony sound absolutely lovely and delightful. I love all the photos! And I definitely was way too engrossed in the menu at Swingers to realize that that one was being taken. Oops.

    Miss you and love reading your blog! I think I need to steal…err borrow… some of the recipes very soon.

    • danielle says:

      Aww, thanks lady! I miss you too, and it was really so great to see you! Let’s just make it happen. And feel free to borrow away! xo

  3. Mercia says:

    What a lovely wedding, they look so happy! You look gorgeous by the way, I am not surprised that Patti was impressed (how funny that you ran into her 🙂
    Loving your blog my dear, we were just in Vancouver yesterday too and went to Vij’s on your recommendation. Yum!!
    Keep up the lovely work!

    • danielle says:

      thank you merce! i am so glad you went to vij’s! isn’t is amazing! and thank you for your sweet words about the blog. i hope that we can see each other soon! xo