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And So…

March 29th, 2013

Today (in total, day 9) is the official end of our cleanse. Be it in part due to the vastly improved weather or other signs of spring – sunshine for days straight, flowers blooming, slackline up – I am feeling positively wonderful. Having consumed only whole foods and juices for the last week, we have successfully weaned ourselves off the sugar, salt, and fat rampant in processed foods. Though I will admit that my mind keeps wandering back to a certain bag of potato chips lurking in my pantry…


As I mentioned previously, this detox period has made me poignantly aware of what I am feeding my body. Don’t misunderstand me, I would describe myself as something of a hedonist (remember this Anthony Bourdain quote?), and firm believer that one of the greatest joys in life is good food. Sometimes our bodies just need a reminder of what that actually means. I swear everything tastes better than it has in months, with foods unmasked by the sensory overload of manufactured flavor. It may be because I think in terms of art, but our oral palate is a palette as well, no? And a freshly scrubbed palette will more accurately display color. Our diet has been vegan by default, with the exception of a bit of wild smoked salmon, which literally tastes better to me than any candy I’ve ever had.


We have agreed to integrate aspects of this cleanse into our daily life as long as it feels good to do so (regular fresh juice, simple raw foods, as much veggies and fruit as well can find). I would encourage each of you to try out some kind of cleanse this spring, be it a few days of juice or a raw diet, or simply cutting back on the processed foods. Obviously do your research and make safe, healthy choices. This is, after all, not about denying ourselves something, but rather to encourage better relationships with our food and our bodies.

Enjoy a beautiful holiday weekend my dears!

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