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Another Reason to Love Alan Rickman

Another Reason to Love Alan Rickman

August 22nd, 2012

Whether you just know him as Snape, or whether you have enjoyed him for years as Colonel Brandon, Metatron, Harry, Sheriff George of Nottingham, Phil Allen, or even Hans Gruber, we can all agree that Alan Rickman is amazing. He’s even been deemed a “phone book” actor – meaning many people would be happy to listen to him read the phone book.

Well Rickman fans, here’s your chance to watch him make tea in super slow-motion. Oh, did I mention it’s set to he soundtrack from Inception? If you’re daunted by the 7 minutes of playtime, just hold on through minute 4 when things really start to get interesting…

This video is part of artist David Michalek’s Portraits in Dramatic Time film series. Each short film features a different actor’s “glacially paced performance”. Each performance represents just a brief 10-15 seconds, but with the aid of ultra-high speed, high-definition cameras, the final piece is stretched out over several minutes.

And lest you thought super-slow-mo only worked with visuals, check out this version of Justin Bieber’s song “Baby”, slowed 800%. It almost makes the song listenable.

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