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At the Manor

At the Manor

December 8th, 2010

Hello lovelies! Today I wanted to share just a bit about how I’m spending my days of late.

Some of you may remember this post from the summer in which I mentioned my ridiculously driven and multi-talented mother and NWLA. There is always something that needs doing at the academy, particularly with the recent upgrade/relocation to The Cultural Center in Langley. This is a huge undertaking, both physically (the space is a revamped B&B, complete with 6 guest rooms, a giant restaurant-grade kitchen, several living rooms, dining room, and new offices) and philosophically (the grand purpose of The Center is to bring cross-cultural understanding and dialogue through events, exchange programs, and classes). I am currently helping out with this grand endeavor on a part-time basis and will be spending the remainder of my time painting (once I have unpacked my studio, oh Lordy).

Snow at The Center

Meanwhile, Jacob and I are still struggling to land ourselves and our multifarious baggage back in Washington. It has been quite the adjustment after our months in Texas, and even more so after my brief stint in New York. I hope you will all forgive me if my timing with posts is a bit off over the next few weeks. Even the best intentions can sometimes be derailed by the requirements of moving, eh?

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