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Deep in the Heart

Deep in the Heart

June 27th, 2010

Texas won me over the moment we hit hill country and saw the meadows of brightly painted wildflowers, cosseted among the oak trees. There is a certain charm for me in the simplicity of this place. It has to be noted that this comes as something of a surprise to my friends in the Northwest who harbor a certain, shall we say, reserve towards Texas. And so, in an effort to dispel stereotypes and bridge the divide, I’d like to share a few snippets from what I have come to love about Texas.

Images from top:
A spring calf nestled down for a nap.
The sunset sky alive with colors from our backyard.
Young fruit peaking out from the leaves of our fig tree.
Flowers so bright they seem saturated by fuchsia paint.
The weathered face of small barn.
Tacodeli in Austin. There are no words to describe its magnificence.
The ponderous presence of a great oak tree on my morning run.
Wine from Becker Vineyards, ten miles down the road.

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