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El Perro Del Mar

El Perro Del Mar

January 9th, 2013

Yesterday on our way to see The Book of Mormon (ammaaazing and highly recommended), a song came on the radio (KEXP naturally) that had me immediately increasing the volume. It sounded so much like my beloved Lykke Li, but had a very different flavor. When the DJ announced that it was in fact fellow Swede, El Perro Del Mar, I made a mental note to look up this paragon. Imagine my glee, when today I discovered that those two have in fact collaborated on several songs! I thought I’d share one such with you today. This video is from La Blogotheque‘s series “A Take Away Show”, and features Lyyke and Sarah (El Perro Del Mar) performing guerrilla style in San Francisco. The song is called “Somebody’s Baby”.

Below the video you can listen to El Perro Del Mar’s new album, Pale Fire. Hope you enjoy!

Pale Fire by danielle hendrix on Grooveshark

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