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Finding The Dress

Finding The Dress

October 24th, 2012 1 Comment

A caviate: This is the first of my wedding related posts. I hereby swear it is not, however, indicative of the next 9 months of posts until our summer wedding, rather a glimpse into my days of late. If you find this sort of thing boring, perhaps I can interest you in this post, or this one. Indeed.

Choosing a wedding dress can be a difficult undertaking. There are many important choices to weigh and consider: style, shape, feel, practicality, color, and the unfortunate truth that the deciding factor is often price. Many people are (rightly) of the opinion that spending a small fortune on a dress you will likely wear for a single day is nothing short of daft. However, the fact remains that a bride must wear something, and her choice is most certainly her own.

After the initial giddy stop at a ridiculously spendy downtown store, I opted for a look at the much more reasonably priced secondhand market. While the choices were better than I could have hoped, and I very nearly settled on a dress at only my second stop, something just wasn’t quite right. The dress was beautiful, it had a lovely shape, and a more than reasonable price, but I felt I was having to talk myself into it. So, with two dear friends in tow, I gamely made a final stop at one of the newest additions to Seattle’s dress market. The shop in question is The Dress Theory, a charming boutique dress shop newly opened near Greenlake.

The shop is a reclaimed apartment, with two of the four rooms a frothing delight of silk, organza, lace, and beading. I knew I wanted something gorgeous and unique, a far cry from the ultra-traditional, structured princess dresses blazoned across bridal magazines the world over. The Dress Theory offers precisely that, lovely pieces suited for a range of personal taste. The owner, Camille, is as sweet as the chocolates proffered in the showing room. A young, newly married woman herself, she was easy to communicate with, and made me immediately feel that I could trust her opinion. Oddly enough, the very first dress I tried on was, dare I say, the one. Up until that point, I’d assumed that the semi-mythological adage that “you’ll just know” was a trumped-up fallacy, perpetuated by a behemoth wedding industry and trashy daytime television. But, for me at least, it proved true. My sweet friends gasped as if on queue, and turning to the mirror, I felt traitorous tear spring to my eyes. How embarrassing. I suppose it helped with the decision making, however, since although the subsequent 8 or so dresses were completely gorgeous, in none of them did I feel the same emotion. Rather, though some were breathtakingly lovely, I felt that the dress was wearing me, so to speak, that were I to choose one of them, it would be choosing to play a part in a script of which I was not the author.

So yesterday, I slapped down a 50% deposit, my measurements were taken, and I can check one big item off my to-do list. I would highly recommend The Dress Theory to any discerning local bride, and cannot say enough good things about Camille, her flexibility, her honesty, and her wonderful taste.

And that is all I shall say about that. Much love my darlings!

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One Response to “Finding The Dress”

  1. Wish that shop was open a year ago! I would have loved to experience that. My dress shopping was very anticlimactic. Congrats to you, I look forward to reading more! xo