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Flashes of the Fourth

Flashes of the Fourth

July 5th, 2010 4 Comments

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, we certainly did! As promised here’s a few photos from the parade and fireworks yesterday.

Press play and enjoy!

curls and camo

yellow mint


cub scouts and chickenmobile

pony and her boy

the sentimental journey

red buggy

The parade kicked off under a blue sky and the scorching afternoon sun. It was so perfectly Texas, complete with sashed pageant girls, fake gunslingers, beribboned ponies, marching vets and ROTC, even a WWII era tank. And of course everyone and everything was bristling with flags and dripping with bunting.


We had a breather in between the parade and fireworks which I used to pull together a quick picnic and Jacob used to don the appropriate attire. We found this beautiful Rockmount at a vintage store called “New Bohemia” on Congress Street in Austin.



We staked out our spot on a sweet little lawn in Lady Bird Johnson Park before most people arrived. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the surrounding trees came alive with the chirping thrum of cicadas. Wikipedia claims cicadas can produce sound as loud as 120 dB. From the serenade we were getting this doesn’t seem so far fetched.

sunlight back
Photo by Jacob.

light division


headlights on the grass


fireworks at sunset

While the show may not have been of the Gasworks calibre (we were there!), it is difficult not to enjoy fireworks of any kind. I loved the deep percussion reverberating in my chest, the intimate setting, and opportunity for a bit of low-light photography.

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4 Responses to “Flashes of the Fourth”

  1. Crystal says:

    I love New Bohemia! Have you been to Cream Vintage or Feathers Vintage yet? Lots of vintagey goodness there.

    Thanks so much for the link in your sidebar… not just for linking to me, but because in doing so I was able to find you! So glad to find another Central Texas blogger. 🙂

    • danielle says:

      Ooo, thanks for the tip, I will have to check those out. I am always looking for new places to go in Austin. Next time we’re heading in I will have to hit you up for some recommendations on food.

      I’m so glad you were able to find dizzy and came over for a visit! Everything’s just taking off and I am loving it.

  2. Beautiful photos! The whole site is lovely!!