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Fools of April

Fools of April

April 1st, 2011 1 Comment

Happy Friday my darlings and Happy April Fool’s day! As one of the most gullible people in my close circle of friends, today has historically been a bit jumpy for me. Just yesterday, one of my favorite folk music blogs, Timber and Steel, got me with what should have been an obvious prank…if I’d remembered we’re a day behind those Aussies. Jacob kindly pointed out that it was their April 1st, after I’d huffed and puffed about how the mighty have fallen. (See the article here)

For this cheeky lark of a day, I’ve gathered together a few of my favorite April Fool’s jokes, both past and present. Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

eiffel tower

In 1986, The Parisien reported to a flabbergasted French nation that the Eiffle Tower was to be dismantled and reconstructed in Paris’ new Euro Disney theme park. In its place would be erected a 35,000 seat stadium for use during the 1992 Olympic Games.

In 1993, The Independent announced that an expedition led by Professor Barry Cunliffe of Oxford University, and Dr. Patrick Galiou of the University of Brest had discovered the 3,000 year old village of the cartoon warrior, Asterix. The village was found near Lannion, France in almost the exact location Asterix creator, Rene Goscinny had placed his hero’s village. The team of archaeologists reportedly found evidence that this Gaulish village had never been conquered by Roman forces. The story even went on to include details like the discovery of a large cache of menhirs of the exact size favored by Obelix, and coins printed with the image of a wild boar.

Asterix village

In 1996, Virgin Cola unveiled a new technology designed to improve consumer safety. They alleged that when the cola passed its expiration date, the liquid would react with the newly designed can, turning it a bright blue. The joke, naturally, was on Pepsi, who has just released their own newly designed, bright blue cans.

In 2008, the BBC announced that while filming in Antarctica for a new natural history series, Miracles of Evolution, their camera crews had captured footage of Adélie penguins taking to the air. They even released a film documenting the event, in which the presenter, Terry Jones, explained that the penguins fly thousands of miles to the South America rainforests where they “spend the winter basking in the tropical sun.”

With all the new touchscreen, motion-sensing, retina-reading gadgets coming to market, this Gmail prank is the perfect combination of ridiculous and very nearly plausible.

Hmm, something about Grooveshark looks a bit off. Now if I only knew where my 3D glasses went to…

Speaking of different, anyone notice something strange about Hulu?

Do you have any favorite April Fool’s pranks? I hope your day is full of good-natured jokes, laughter and fun!

Featured image: Illustration from Hulton Archive, Getty Images.

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One Response to “Fools of April”

  1. bijuterii says:

    I remember that in childhood we made jokes all the time, but since we grew up we lost our sense of humor … this is a sad thing. Love your post!