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For The Joy Of It

For The Joy Of It

February 18th, 2016

Chaps. It’s all going to be ok. Really.

Q is just over 5 months old now, just cut his first tooth (my god is that thing sharp!), and just wants to sit up, stand up, or move, move, move! And all I can think is: we’re getting there. Sweet, sweet normalcy. One sign of me (literally) getting my feet under me was a recent bout of spontaneous kitchen dancing. Few things represent both symptom and cause of my happiness more than prancing about with unbridled glee whilst cooking and listening to truly wonderful music. Since there’s no video camera in my kitchen (thank goodness), allow this fellow to demonstrate (and rep my Hawks to boot!).

Much more on our little Q man coming up, but here’s a pic for his fans.


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