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For the Ladies

For the Ladies

November 10th, 2010

To all my dear readers of the male persuasion: sorry guys, today’s post is for the ladies. Promise I’ll sneak in a few extra explosions and Star Wars references for you soon.

I recently grew out my hair after keeping it chin-length for a few years. For now I am safely in the honeymoon stage with my longer locks, pinning, braiding and up-doing with an inordinate amount of excitement. However, I am wary of the ease with which I have fallen into coiffure ruts in the past (messy bun everyday anyone?) and so I’m constantly on the lookout for inspiration.


So it comes as no surprise that upon discovering this gorgeous side chignon I knew I had to share it for the health of our collective hairy repertoire. The instructions are incredibly simple and can be found here.


Add a bit of blood red lippy and even in a burlap sack you’ll be ready to take over the street, room, holiday party, or office. With any luck, the result will be this:

Joan Holloway

Via A Cup of Jo, via HipHipGinGin and This is Glamorous.

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