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Game Face

Game Face

November 12th, 2010

This Sunday I am running my third half marathon. Third time means old hat right? Wrong. This will be the first half for which I’ve set myself a time goal, and a rather ambitious one at that. So I must admit, I’ve been having a small case of pre-race jitters. Enter this video that I just found on The Year in Pictures. It is an unapologetic testosterone fest and promo for Versus TV, but there’s something in its retro un-artsiness that is rather appealing.

My one critique is that they threw in hunting which, while it may be deemed a sport, I don’t really find very “sporting”. Maybe if the deer had a rifle too…Still, when you need to get your game face on and Coach Taylor is nowhere to be found, there’s nothing like a good old fashioned sports montage. Or perhaps watching the NZ All Blacks perform the haka.

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