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Gilding the Nest

Gilding the Nest

April 17th, 2015

Hello all you wonderful people! Happy Friday to you, and a beautiful sunny day it is at that.

First off I wanted to share a truly lovely song for your afternoon. It’s no secret that I like a good cover, still less that I love harmony, and this represents both with a vengeance. Performed by The Staves, a sister trio out of England, this take on The Boss’ “I”m on Fire” is ethereal and completely gorgeous. Even better, check out this version with Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon, who produced the sister’s second album, If I Was.

Things have been moving along for us; time streaming along in its relentless flow. Yesterday marked the half way point in my pregnancy, which is at once a surreal and wonderful feeling. We’re suddenly extremely aware of the narrowing weeks between us and the birth of our little one, and have begun slowly preparing the nest.

Our first order of business was to finally repaint the dining and living rooms, a task we’ve been putting off since we moved in (you can see the original red living room and wallpapered dining room here).

_MG_3402 copy

After five sample pints in various shades of grey, we decided on a beautiful, neutral soft hue of said color for the living room. We also extended the foot and a half or so of white that ran around half of the room above something like a picture rail. They both now circle the entire room, and create a pleasing illusion of an even higher ceiling.

_MG_3400 copy

The dining room was somewhat trickier since once I got the three sample shades of terra cotta on the walls, I absolutely hated them. Jacob was obliging enough to then go with my instinctual choice of a lovely lighter teal (Benjamin Moore’s “Baltic Sea”), and we slapped that up without any testing. Happily, we both adore it. (Pop open the larger view for more accurate color.)

_MG_3397 copy

_MG_3404 copy

_MG_3399 copy

Change can be an amazing thing, and even these small adjustments in our home have made such an impact. Haku is just happy to be done with the chaos of drop clothes and off limit areas.

_MG_3407 copy

Enjoy your weekend!

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