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Honeymoon: Kaikoura

Honeymoon: Kaikoura

April 28th, 2014

Hey dear ones! Today finds our honeymoon travels moving on towards the East Coast town of Kaikoura.


Yet another series of twisting roads spat us out onto the coast, all azure seas and white rock. The town itself is small but bustling, attracting a fair set of tourists with its marine life and seafood. We, in fact, were there for both.


Our lodging was the gorgeous Blue Heron House B&B. Throughout the trip, I mentally ranked our abodes on a scale of expectations met. Blue Heron House was a standout that far exceeding expectations. It is one of those rare finds for which the promotion photos do not do justice, and the price tag is something of a disguise.




I loved the gardens, and the wrap around porch onto which the French doors of our bedroom opened.





It was a calming home-base from which to explore the town and coastal waters.



The beaches themselves were beautiful and pebbly, with bewitching rock formations and crashing surf.




One of our reasons for visiting Kaikoura is that the adjacent strait plays home to a number of Sperm whales, as well as transient Blues, Humpbacks, Southern Rights, Orcas, and all manner of dolphin. Getting over our chagrin at participating in what here in the Pacific Northwest we lambast as for silly tourists, we scheduled a whale-watching tour.


The outfit, Whale Watch Kaikoura, was professional, streamlined, and most importantly, respectful of the whales.



There were a few whaling facts I found interesting, primarily the “oily” sheen apparent on the surface when a whale dives. Whalers thought this was oil left by the whale, but is in fact the water being sucked down after them. Interesting, eh?


_MG_9037 copy


We were lucky enough to see four Giant Sperm Whales, Dusky Dolphins, Albatross and even the tiny Hector’s Dolphin with their Mickey Mouse ear dorsal fins.





Another draw for us was the crayfish. We’d hoped to make it to the iconic Nin’s Bin but found that it was too far out of town to be worth the drive. Instead, we went with Kaikoura BBQ, a food-truck style joint that pops up beside the bay just around the headland from downtown.


You can choose your crayfish from a cooler, full of the days catch.







To be continued…

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