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Honeymoon: Otama Beach

Honeymoon: Otama Beach

July 9th, 2014

Hello lovelies!

Today’s post finds us deep into the Coromandel Peninsula, having driven a rather long way from Kamahi. After another saga of winding roads, we arrived at the remote but breathtaking Otama Beach. Our lodging, once again found via the wonders of AirBnB, was a traditional bach (pronounced “batch”). These icons of Kiwi history are typically small but charming cabins now used as vacation rentals.


The bach in question was done up in perfect beach style, complete with chotchkies innumerable and even a rather impressive collection of Princess Di memorabilia. Coupled with one hell of a view, the overall effect was lovely, comfortable kitsch.


The near entirety of the oceanside wall was in fact an ingeniously folding glass door which opened onto a sweet little deck, perfect for sipping morning coffee or doing a bit of long-needed yoga.

2014-03-07 11.00.56
Our wonderful hosts had truly thought of everything, providing not just the yoga mat, but a selection of books, a well stocked kitchenette, sun hats, beach towels and even a little ukelele (which incidentally was difficult to give up, particularly when strummed under the dazzling Milky Way).


Best of all, the bach was located just above one of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy: a protected bay of brilliantly azure waters, and a long, alluring curve of soft white sand.


Enjoy it we did.

2014-03-07 12.59.27



Homemade jams and granola, yogurt, fresh baked bread (including a gluten-free loaf made just for me!) and fruit made up the provided breakfast, to which we added fried eggs and coffee. Truly paradisal.


Rinse and repeat.

2014-03-07 13.00.05


But before long, it was time to move on. It was tough to leave that view!

2014-03-08 13.32.54

We were on to yet another adventure, however, which will be the subject of my next post: Waiheke Island!

2014-03-09 09.01.08

And lest anyone was wondering just what I mean when I say food is rather expensive in NZ, may I present exhibit A:

2014-03-09 11.16.23

To be continued…

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