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September 4th, 2012

A few of the sights, tastes, and sounds that have filled my past weeks…

Spicy New Mexican hatch chiles stuffed with honeyed goat cheese and grilled on the barby. Amen.

Hiking at the ever gorgeous Mt. Rainier.


The breathtaking vistas at Snow Lake, in the Mt. Rainier National Park.


In the orchard of my childhood home, now Shipki Farms, a golden plum tree breaking under the weight of its own bounitful fruit. At once amazing and slightly depressing.


The plum harvest.

Once again out foraging blackberries. This time just blocks from our house. Hurrah.

A scrumptious cobbler made with the fresh picked berries.


Press play.

Least we forget, there’s always time for a dance party. Spontaneous, wine and Serge Gainsbourg fueled, madness at my mother’s.


I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here’s to a beautiful week.

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