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May 29th, 2013

These past weeks have been filled to bursting. May is nearly done and I’ve been so focused, I was hardly aware of it’s passage. I thought I’d share a few of the sights and sounds that have so occupied my world of late.

Good music. Always. Here’s a lovely ditty from Taken By Trees: “Dreams.” Taken By Trees is the solo project of former Concretes singer, Victoria Bergsman. Incidentally, Victoria is yet another Swede.

We’ve built and painted a dozen chalkboard signs for the wedding (can’t wait for you to see them in action!), and thought we’d use some of the leftovers to paint the inside of one of our cupboards. I’m thinking to fill it with handy measurement conversions and such.


I was never one to go in for banner-making during my school days, but I did recently play with metallic paint, glitter, and sponge brushes. Again, can’t wait to show you this bad boy in use!


Waiting for the peonies to pop. Jacob teases me that the selling point of our home for me was the plethora of mature peonies. Well it certainly didn’t hurt.


Lastly, here’s a detail of a recent painting. If you are in the Seattle area, and would like to see my work, please mark your calendars for October 5th at Brackenwood Gallery. I will post the whole painting, and others, in the fall after the show.

mouth detail

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