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Let’s Dance

Let’s Dance

November 15th, 2012

You know, and I know, that sometimes when you’re feeling down, feeling particularly saucy, or just feeling a beat, the best thing is to move your body in that certain way. With complete abandon. Like you don’t care if someone thinks you’ve gone batty. Sure, this usually happens when you’re all alone, but there’s no reason it has to!

Oscar knows what we’re talking about:

I’m guessing many, if not most, of you are familiar with the work of Matt Harding. If not, Matt is someone who dances in that certain way all over the world. With other people. And films it. His exploits have been published online since 2003, when “Where The Hell Is Matt” was born. Of course, Matt does a far better job explaining it all himself, which you can read here. In a time when divisive and negative media prevail, it is sometimes difficult to remember that beyond all those borders, languages, and cultures, we humans are fundamentally the same. And we all enjoy a good silly dance. Below, you can watch Matt’s latest video, published this summer. You can also check out his 2008 video here.

Finally, here is someone who really takes this sort of thing seriously. Meet Tommy Franklin, Byron Bay‘s very own Dancing Man. Tommy uses dancing to bring positive change to his own life, as well as bringing smiles to others.

Happy dancing my dears!

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