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Little Bits for a Monday

Little Bits for a Monday

May 30th, 2011 2 Comments

Happy Memorial Day chicklets! I trust we are all still enjoying a well deserved cold beverage and kicking up our feet, yes? We certainly have had quite the weekend thus far, and I have a big fat juicy blog coming your way on Wednesday about a certain something new. Today, however, I think we all need some little bits in our life.

Ben Harper’s latest album Give Till Its Gone has earned nothing but praise. Though I have yet to hear the entire album, I must say my excitement at the return of a long-loved (musical) friend was dampened with the release of the album’s first single: “Rock and Roll is Free”. It is nothing short of appalling. And very un-Ben. I offered up prayers of gratitude, therefore, when I heard the wonderful track Dont Give Up On Me Now. The video isn’t much to write home about but the depth of Ben’s voice and music carry it easily. Let me know what you think.

Have you ever stumbled across the glorious decadence that is A Peace Treaty? I am as utterly enamored of their goods as I am of the concept. Each new collection is handmade by artisans in places of socio-political strife, with the aim of elevating disappearing craft traditions and restoring the dignity of the downtrodden. Their newest collection of scarves features the strong geometric shapes and gorgeous dyes of West Africa.

peace treaty scarf
Photo source

Also in the handmade vein, ABK Custom Leather Craft out of New York makes some to the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever seen. How wonderful would it be to slip your feet into these soft leathers all summer? Mmmm.


Photo source. Via Etymologie.

I get inordinately excited by DIY’s that I could actually recreate in a small apartment with limited tools. These fantastically quirky coffee tables are so easy to make. Check out the photos and instructions over at the We Are Handsome blog.

suitcase table
Photo source.

Lastly, on a more personal note and as it’s Memorial Day, I would like to send all of my love and thoughts in a great cocoon of safety to a dear friend who is shipping out shortly. B, come home to us soon. Until you do, know that we all love you so very much and are so incredibly proud of you. Thank you for your friendship, generosity, easy smile, and for showing the world how a leather jacket should be worn.

Photo by Hannah Wahl

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2 Responses to “Little Bits for a Monday”

  1. Mercia says:

    Thanks for the link to A Peace Treaty – what a beautiful idea with gorgeous scarves and jewelry, I had never herd of it.
    Wish I had been able to see you all at B’s leaving party. I am wishing him all the best!!!
    So where’s that tattoo? 🙂

    • danielle says:

      you are so welcome! yes, all their stuff is lovely, and sadly (or I suppose happily) sells out so quickly.
      wish you could have been there as well, it was great seeing your dad though! and tattoo post is coming tomorrow! hurray!