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Little Bits for a Monday

Little Bits for a Monday

June 13th, 2011

How was everyone’s weekend? I trust we are all enjoying the change in seasons? Seattle has felt on the brink of summer for the past three weeks and this weekend was no exception, with both blazing sunshine and blustery skies. As long as the pendulum swings more often to sun, I am just fine with that.

This morning I would like to share a fun, summery video, full of 60’s inspired doo-wop and danceability. The the track, “Why Can’t We”, is off French-Nigerian singer Asa‘s sophomore effort, Beautiful Imperfection. Let me know what you think, my lovelies!

Via Timber and Steel

I have always nursed a deep and abiding love of letters. There’s something so much more personal about a handwritten note than the digital coldness of an email. Nowadays it really does take an extra effort to use the post, but doesn’t that just make it more special? To whit, I saw this incredible leather shoe postcard over at I Swan. Do you think USPS would accept something like this today? It is perfection.

shoe sole
Photo source

The perpetually impressive ladies over at Design Sponge recently posted an amazing Ikat fabric DIY. A few months ago we inherited a sturdy chair that belonged to Jacob’s grandfather. I’m scheming to replace the old (appallingly) upholstered cushion with this in the not too distant future.

Photo source

This beautiful moss ring by Sylwia Calus Design takes the idea of a green thumb to new heights.

moss ring
Via Colossal

If you’ve been following this blog for half a second, you’ve probably realized I am braid-obsessed. It comes as no surprise then, that I am in love with these tousled, deconstructed, beachy plaits sported in Free People’s June catalog.

free people

Thanks to some backstage cameras at the shoot, you can see how to get the look yourself! Although I must say, you would likely get the same result with much less effort after sleeping in your braids.

Via Refinery 29

Jacob and I have been wistfully dreaming of a vacation of late. Something off the beaten path. Something a bit unusual. Jellyfish Lake in Palau is a definite contender in my book. Then I might have to refer to Jacob as Jellyman for all eternity.

Via Happiness Is, photo via Flickr

Have a wonderful week my dears!

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