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Little Bits for a Monday

Little Bits for a Monday

August 20th, 2012

Good morning my dears. I trust we all had a lovely weekend? Here in Seattle we’ve enjoyed a gorgeously sunny August. A good thing too, as we have considerable work to do on the old homestead before the autumnal rains are upon us.

Today I wanted to share a fun little ditty, from two bands I was recently introduced to. The song is called “I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From” by the Norwegian duo, Kings of Convenience. This particular track is remixed by fellow Norwegians, Röyksopp. I highly recommend checking out both groups, Kings for their airy, Elliott Smith-like vocal and unassuming guitar, Röyksopp for their sheer prowess in what is referred to as “warm” electronica.

All this talk of Norway has my traveling feet itching. How I would love to float through sunlit mists at the Geiranger Fjord. Speaking of Norway, remember this?


We are fast approaching that time of year when the seasons’ transition necessitates the strategic use of layers. I recently spied this amazing floor-length sweater via James Nord. Perhaps this shall be a very ambitious Fall knitting project…


Thankfully, at least for this week, the sun is still with us, begging for cold drinks and bright flowers. Leave it to Martha to combine the two in one gorgeous glassful. Find the tutorial here.


Yesterday I went (at last!) for my first run in our new neighborhood. Though I got a bit carried away, finishing out nearly 8 miles, one of my favorite views lies just at the end of our drive. We have a resident redwood tree! With any luck, it will grow tall and strong to match its Californian brethren.


Featured image via Pinterest.

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