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Little Bits for a Monday

Little Bits for a Monday

January 14th, 2013

Today’s music comes to you from Cold Specks, a London based group fronted by the talented Canadian singer, Al Spx (pseudonym). This song is titled, “Holland”, and is accompanied by one visually engrossing video.

Speaking of engrossing videos, I recently came across this lovely visual essay on the making of rose water and rose oil in Bulgaria. As some of you may know, my mother’s side of the family is Bulgarian, and my love of all things rose is a pleasing byproduct of that heritage.

We’ve been enduring a remarkably cold spat of weather, complete with snow flurries and temperatures rarely venturing past 35 degrees. This has me spending more time than usual huddled with my knitting. If only yarn wasn’t so expensive. Le sigh. However, single skeins and yarn scraps do have their uses I’m finding…

Are any of you familiar with the work of Gemma Correll? I found that one of her images perfectly encapsulates my general state of being this time of year:


I hope you are all staying warm and well-humored! Have a wonderful week.

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