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April 15th, 2013

Our weekend time is at such a premium these days, we generally lay plans based on carefully weighed priorities. Sometimes it works. Sometimes life takes over and all the best laid plans go out the window. This weekend was the later.

Opening the shutters Saturday morning I was dismayed to see the previous night’s windstorm had downed a sizable portion of the grand red plum which shelters our backyard. A section of the trunk lay atop our fence and obscured part of the neighbor’s roof. A massive tangle of branches, cracked limbs, and a gaping wound completed the havoc.


At first glance, we thought we were in for drawn-out headaches, requisite repair, and prolonged cleanup. Though I typically stand firmly in the Eeyore camp, I must admit this time luck/fortune/insert-allegory-here smiled on us. All of the potential for real harm and devastation fell neatly into the 4 foot gap between our fence and our neighbors house. The only damage done was a 2″ x 8″ wide sliver taken out of a single fence board (as you can see in the featured image).


We were doubly blessed to have an arborist friend come by at the drop of a hat, expertly roping up and cutting down the fallen section. For all this, combined with the kind help of one trunk driving brother, we count ourselves incredibly lucky.


Thank you universe, thank you Sam, thank you Pat.

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