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On Chaos and Order

On Chaos and Order

March 9th, 2011

Hello my dearests! Apologies for the absence, but I can now report that we are officially moved in to our Seattle home! It has been quite a marathon this time around, as we are both equally determined to do it all right the first time.

jacob in the living room

Our new apartment is on the third floor of one of Queen Anne’s older buildings, in which each stairwell has its own door. There are forty-five stairs and three doors per trip (or ninety stairs and six doors if you count the way down), and we figured we made at least thirty each to unload a fourteen-foot truck. Needless to say, it took awhile.

me in the kitchen

After five days of moving, unpacking, supply runs, cleaning, putting together furniture, and subsisting almost entirely on Thai take-out and PB&J sandwiches, I am proud to say I can now look around and no longer have the impulse to tear out my hair.

dresser pieces

We made a few wonderful and much needed furniture purchases from Ikea, which Jacob diligently assembled despite what were in my opinion a mind-boggling number of pieces. Meanwhile, the ever helpful Sita made herself useful by tearing to shreds any paper that was silly enough to stray from the herd.

sita and paper

While I am now able to count the remaining boxes on one hand, there is still much to be done in the nesting department. I promise to upload photos of the finished product shortly, but for now back into the fray I go.

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