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On Port Townsend, House Hunts and Why Craigslist Can Eff Off

On Port Townsend, House Hunts and Why Craigslist Can Eff Off

February 2nd, 2011

I’m sure I am not the only one find house hunting among the most nauseatingly dreary and frustrating processes devised by man. With the holidays well over, Jacob and I are more than ready to bid goodbye to our current housing limbo and put down roots in our next home. As I’m certain many of you know from painstaking experience, this can be a monumental task.


Tired of the same old apartments in Seattle, we decided to branch out for a fun weekend trip to visit a few rental possibilities in the charming town of Port Townsend. A 19th century Victorian gem perched on the northeast tip of the Olympic Penninsula, Port Townsend is a picture perfect seaport and artist-friendly community.



Port Townsend is an easy ferry ride over from the Keystone landing mid-way up Whidbey. I choked down my pride to take these photos, looking disturbingly like those unfortunate tourists that I am wont to mock mercilessly for their crisp rain jackets and cameras strapped to their backs.

Ebey's Landing


Craigslist was little help when it came to places in PT. Perhaps it’s because the tight knit community is more apt to post ads at the local co-op, or offer the place to a friend than mess about with such online postings. We had far more luck lurking about the quaint streets, searching for signs in yards and windows proclaiming the vacant nature of this or that sweet, craftsman home. It was difficult not to fall in love with several such places, particularly the old parish home, built in 1878, with its whitewashed walls, bay window, original teak counter-tops and…be still my heart…claw foot bathtub with a view.


It is always this part of searching for a home that is most heart-wrenching. Saying no to a beautiful place. The parish house would be perfect for us in 1 or 2 years, but was simply too spendy for our current budget. Feeling beaten down and tired, we finished our day at one of my favorite Port Townsend haunts, the unique, beautiful and homey Rose Theater.

Port Townsend

We caught a showing of The King’s Speech,and thoroughly enjoyed it. For me, anything Colin Firth related is a good thing, and I absolutely adore Geoffrey Rush so I may have been predisposed towards a good review. So, for you more discerning moviegoers, the cinematography was fantastic, the writing impeccable, and the sets fantastic.

Rose Theater

In closing, if anyone out there has recommendations for a lovely 2 bedroom, or large 1 bedroom apartment/house let me know. If I have to look at one more bloody Craigslist post that purports itself to be near Greenlake but is in fact in Magnolia, says it has photos but displays only ridiculous images of puppies, claims to be “spacious” but looks like a closet…ahem. Apologies, I have many strong opinions on the subject. Have a lovely day all!

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