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Q is Six Months Old!

Q is Six Months Old!

March 9th, 2016

Hard to believe, but yes, our little man is six months old today. Where, oh where did the time go? No time for waxing poetic, here’s a look back over the last three months since our last photo barrage.

Christmas was special, seeing the lights and color through his eyes. I imagine the years to come will be even more so!



Sleeping is still our nemesis. Or not sleeping itself, but sleeping by himself. I snapped this picture the single, solitary time I was able to get him to nap in his little bassinet for more than 10 minutes. He did 45 minutes that time (me watching him like a disbelieving hawk the entire stretch) and has refused to repeat the performance. But isn’t he just an angel? Le sigh.


True to his roots (I’m a notorious bookworm), Q is obsessed with books. In fact, he comes the closest he ever gets to throwing a tantrum when I put his books away.


I mean, he really likes books.




And tags. For some reason, these stiff little nubs never cease to fascinate him. Maybe because they look like tiny books?


He’s been in a nose-scrunching phase, which makes for some pretty cute smiles…


He has ticklish and irresistible ribs…and loves his daddy.


I’ve gotten back into running (thank goodness!!) and have even tried out the jogging stroller. Q makes the best bundled bear companion.



He now has two teeth! The first emerged over the space of a month. The second cut and grew to matching height literally over (one very fussy) night.


We’ve done a tiny taste or two of “solids.” So far he’s all about the avocado.



He’s my little cuddler!


And my little ham. There’s nothing better than watching the emotions play across his expressive face.


He’s even shaping up to be a good tiny kitchen helper. Either in a carrier or on my hip, he loves to be right in the action. Here’s his first scones!


I am honored to continue to witness the emergence of this little being into personhood. He is truly a delight and I am so grateful he chose us!

Oh my little love, how you make my heart shine.

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