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Salt Spring Island, Part 1

Salt Spring Island, Part 1

August 31st, 2011 2 Comments

Hello darlings! No indeed, I have not forgotten about you! We got back from camping late Monday night and yesterday was something of a scramble to catch up with work. My goodness, the things that pile up when you’re unplugged from the internet…

But without further ado, I’m going to jump right into scenes from our camping trip on Salt Spring Island. It was one of those rare vacations where everything goes smoothly, from traffic, to the ferry, from the weather, to snagging a choice campsite.

bc ferry

from the ferry

My habitual ire with ferries does not, as yet, extent to the B.C. Ferries. Though we were on the “milk-run”, which stops at all of the major Gulf Islands and takes roughly 3 hours, there was no dawdling and we departed every stop with commendable punctuality.


The view wasn’t half bad either, with the characteristic rocky crags of Pacific Northwest islands rising from the indigo sea, and stoic pines reaching for a beautiful (and slightly less characteristic) azure sky.

on the ferry

We arrived in the aptly named Long Harbour by early afternoon and wasted no time in navigating Salt Spring’s hilly, winding roads to the campground at Ruckle Provincial Park. Though we had arrived on the first ferry of the day, we were surprised to find the campground nearly full. There was, however, a site saved just for us (by serendipity alone, as they don’t take reservations) with an unobstructed 180 degree view of the sea.

campsite view montage

grass and stone

Ruckle is all dry, tawny grass and sun-warmed stone. Fir and madrona forests give way to meadows, sloping gently down towards dark, rocky cliffs and the sea below. Cars are parked in the woods about a half mile from the campground, leaving the grounds themselves blissfully filled only with the sound of the waves.

legs and view

I needed no further prompting to plop myself down in a camp chair and take in the glorious day.


A few locals even swam by to welcome us!

As an aside here, I must give props to Jacob for spotting this passing pod of orcas as I had my nose buried in a certain book. Ahem.


crab shell

feet and rocks

There was an easy descent to the rocks from our campsite, of which we made good use to explore the great piles of weathered driftwood, ocean-carved stone, and tide pools.


…and various haunts where I might pop off to surreptitiously continue my bookwormy ways.

me from above


Setting good books aside, the natural beauty of Salt Spring is a visual playground, offering textures and vistas to warm the cockles of any photog’s heart.


our shadows


waves 2


We finished the first day with a bottle of wine, enjoyed out of practical, multi-use camp cups of course, and fun with double-portraits.

wine and portraits

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2 Responses to “Salt Spring Island, Part 1”

  1. Mercia says:

    Looks like a beautiful island, I’ve never been. I’ll have to take Toby out there one day.
    (Oh and I am completely obsessed with Clash of King too, so ridiculously addictive and good. I’m almost done 🙂

    • danielle says:

      I really can’t recommend it enough, and it’s not so very far away from us! We took the ferry from Tswassen which is just a little ways past the border. Yes! The books are so good and sooo addictive! Jacob’s seen the back of them rather than my face for the last few weeks straight. 😉