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Salt Spring Island, Part 2

Salt Spring Island, Part 2

September 2nd, 2011

Our second day on Salt Spring dawned sunny and fresh. The tide had slipped away in the night, leaving the dark rocks naked and glistening green with seaweed.

low tide

Coffee never tasted so delicious.


After making ourselves decent for public viewing, we wound our way back to town for ice and to see the sights.


The largest town on Salt Spring is Ganges, a friendly, buzzing little metropolis curled round a small marina.


There are several parks scattered about town, with inviting lawns and charming residents.


As it so happened, Saturday was market day and our ears brought us to the music pagoda, complete with dancing hippies. This is an island after all. We hippies love an island.


But even I was surprised by a certain pastime in which three local girls were happily engaged. Chicken tossing. Yes. The three were gently tossing a fluffy, speckled bantam hen from one loving pair of hands to the other. We later learned this hen had been hand-raised as a pet by one of the girls, and enjoyed this as an opportunity to stretch her wings. The things you learn in travel.

chicken toss

chicken toss2

chicken toss3

The market itself was a joy to behold. Driving the roads of Salt Spring it becomes immediately evident that nearly all the residents have some sort of cottage industry. And here they all were, jostling shoulder to shoulder: baked goods, produce, jewelry, textiles, clothing, art, instruments, and treats.



I pounced upon a savory scone from a wonderfully stocked gluten-free bakery stall. Heaven.

gf bakery

Even the sidewalk graffiti in Canada is friendly.

love hope optimism

On the way back to Ruckle, we jumped in one of Salt Spring’s many lakes. We chose Weston Lake, evidently a favorite of the locals, for its seclusion. The water was just on the cool side of warm, clean and deliciously refreshing. The bottom was sandy and lily pads ringed the shore, making me wish I was a frog to sun-bath upon them.

Back at camp, we explored a bit of the park as the afternoon wore on.

moss and water



madrona bark

jacob on cliff

me on rock

walk textures

Before dinner, we decided to do a bit of evening yoga.

dancer pose

…And to make an advert for the B.C. Ferries.

crow pose

headstand prep


If you’ve ever been camping, you know that tin foil is your best friend. We wrapped up little bundles to cook over the communal fire, filled with bite-sized pieces of eggplant, sausage, and garlic cloves. We also double wrapped an entire head of garlic and set it to roast right on the coals. On the grill, we roasted a bell pepper and four hatch peppers. Mmmm.

roasting veggies

roasting veggies2

The outside of the garlic ended up a tad over cooked (ahem), but inside it was caramelized and scrumptious.


We emptied our little packets onto a tortillas prepared with goat cheddar, and topped it with one of the fiery hatch peppers.

dinner plate


The bell we stuffed with a soft chevre and devoured on the side.

stuffed pepper

There is something indelibly magic about washing up in the sea (don’t worry, we use Dr. Bronner’s biodegradable soap).

washing dishes

Deeply relaxed and heavily satiated, we settled back to watch as the sky and sea began to slide through a gradient of soft, subtle pastels.

sunset tree

The twinkling lights of boats and ferries plying back and forth through the channel added interest to the scene.

sunset ferry

Our friends the seals even joined us for sunset. Yeah, it’s that black speck in the middle.

sunset seal

sunset islands

sunset me

sunset islands2

sunset islands3

sunset montage2

A gorgeous end to a wonderful day.

sunset ends

Have a lovely weekend my dears and don’t forget to check back next week for Part 3! Besos!

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