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Salt Spring Island, Part 3

Salt Spring Island, Part 3

September 5th, 2011

Happy Labor Day chaps! Hopefully all of you are still in the full swing of a long, restful weekend!

Today I’m wrapping up our wonderful Salt Spring Island camping trip with the third part of our adventures. One of my very favorite things about our tent (while it may not be quite so charming as that of the lovely Artemis) is that the dome is nearly all mesh. Lying inside at night, the stars are your ceiling. In the morning, enjoying a glorious sunrise is only a matter of sitting up.

sunrise montage

After breakfast and a bit of lounging, we spent the morning roaming the rocky shore, enjoying the tide pools and their inhabitants.


jacob on tide walk


tide pool

I love the bulbous anemones. Their Jabba-like bodies are at once rather disgusting and fascinating.


anemones 2

The low tide exposed a bounty of mussels, barnacles, and seaweed.

mussels and barnacles

mussels and anemones


I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the stones, however, with their sudden veins of white, speckles of orange, and rings of green.







The retreating sea left pockets and rings of salt.

rock salt

We spent the afternoon exploring the island, adventuring up the less than friendly gravel road to the top of Mount Maxwell. From the viewing area on Baynes Peak the Southern Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island, and the San Juans beyond are stretched out in a breathtaking vista. Old growth Douglas Firs and gnarled Garry Oaks offered us shade in which to enjoy a pick-nick lunch with the view. A beautiful bald eagle even came out to enjoy it with us.


mt. maxwell montage








Descending the mountain, we spent the rest of our day hoping from lake to lake, cooling ourselves and testing the waters. Salt Spring is a place that holds many memories, and it felt wonderful to make new ones as well. If any of you have a chance to visit, I can’t recommend it enough!

last day

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