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San Juan Weekend

San Juan Weekend

August 1st, 2011 1 Comment

Returning from a three day weekend away is always a bit of a jolt. Particularly when that weekend was spent on sleepy San Juan Island, and more so still when it was blessed with the kind glorious summer days that only the Pacific Northwest can produce. Such was our weekend. It was intoxicatingly sun-filled. It was wonderfully restful. It was crabbing in the bay. It was barbecue, gardens, horseshoes, and family.

I hope all of you had a similarly wonderful few days, and those of you in the Seattle area have been enjoying the sunshine! I have dozens of photos to share with you this week so don’t wander far. But for now, a full inbox and a full work day are clamoring for my attention. In the meantime, here is a fun little ditty to put a smile on your face this Monday morning. Kiss kiss!

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One Response to “San Juan Weekend”

  1. Whoa, that photo is to die for! Can’t wait to hear what you did and where you went. Lakedale Resort by chance? 🙂 xo