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Still Cleansing

Still Cleansing

March 25th, 2013

Well my darlings, we made it 3 days on the master cleanse, and then both felt an extreme need for sustenance other than sugar. After breaking our fast in less than ideal fashion (let’s just say certain noodle cravings we’re satisfied), we decided to continue our cleanse through Friday of this week. Now, however, we have switched to fresh juices (It pays to have a juicer at times like this. Evidence: the green monster my friend Hannah is modeling in the featured photo) and raw food during the day, with an evening meal of simple brown rice, or quinoa, and veggies. We’ve also added in the occasional miso soup, which is a deliciously savory change from the sweetness of juice.

For those of you curious, during the days of master cleansing I felt great for the most part – high energy, clearheaded, and hugely productive with so much extra time on my hands. The downside was the sugar crash if I went too long between drinks, and the gradually building headache in day 3, which was likely half detoxing and half sugar overload. Now, however, I feel fantastic, light, and energized. I will report back on Friday with any additional thoughts on the subject.

Serendipitously, we watched the documentary Vegucated this weekend. Though I was already familiar with much of the subject matter, it did make me ponder just how much the terms “organic”, “free range”, and “humane” actually mean. We consider ourselves highly conscious consumers when it comes to animal products, but one effect of this cleansing period has been that I’m hyper-aware of what is going into my body. Our usual diet does include a fair amount of cheese (goat and sheep, since I’m allergic to cow) and eggs. While the cheese issue is more difficult (and lord knows I looove my cheese), we are pushing forward with our plans to raise 3-5 laying hens, neatly solving the problem of supporting the commercial egg industry. This spring, we plan to build a coop modeled on the Wichita, from Backyard Chickens. Hurray!

That is my rant for the day. Have a wonderful week everyone!

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