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The First Week

The First Week

July 18th, 2012 2 Comments

Our move was as breezy as it could have been, thanks to the kindness and willing hands of both friends and family. The subsequent days have been racing by in a frenzy the likes of which I’ve never known – complete with gritty cleaning, mad nesting, and snatched celebration. Today, however, has offered me a quiet hour or two to sit down and share a bit of our first week in our new home.

Throughout the last week I’ve been trying to snatch the opportunity for photos whenever I could get it. With varying degrees of success. Nevertheless, here are a few highlights for your perusal.


Boxes waiting to be unpacked in the breakfast nook. Ah how I love my breakfast nook!


One of our first meals in the house was homemade pizza. Ya know, comfort food. I’m still getting used to the new range; a stout 40″ Whirlpool of uncertain vintage with a propensity to go from stone cold to flamingly hot without warning.

One of my first projects was painting the kitchen. The original dingy yellow would simply not do, so I tested out a few colors…


and went to work!

A break for the first cherries of the summer.


Then more painting. Bandit style.

Another break, this time for bourbon and ginger. Here might be a good place to point out the painting system: removing the shabby-chic cabinet doors (which would have been too much of a nightmare to try to sand smooth for new paint), the rest of the cabinets were treated to Martha Stewart’s Milk Pail blue while the walls were painted a warm white.

With the painting done, it was on to the outdoors. Here we see Jacob giving the new (old) lawn mower a test drive.

While I went to work on the flowerbeds.


There is in fact quite a lot of outdoor space: front, back, and two side yards, a porch, a deck, and even space in the very back for which I have designs of a poultry nature.



The landscaping is beautifully lush and well established, but was in need of some serious weed control (think mulch dumped over a mass of dandelion, grass, and buttercup roots), as well as a bit of ivy and blackberry removal.

The aforementioned took me three solid six hour days, and cost me one strained shoulder. Ah well.

Though we’ve only been here about ten days, we’ve already had two successful barbeques. This being summer and all.

Silly boys.

Well my dears, there you have a snippet of our initial forays into home-ownership. It is going to be quite the adventure but has already proved to be deeply satisfying.

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2 Responses to “The First Week”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    Love the photo of Jacob sniffing the relish. Really?

  2. Dad says:

    This looks really good D!