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The Return

The Return

December 4th, 2010

Hello hello my dears! Boy have I missed you! Apologies for the prolonged silence, things have been rather crazy of late as I dash from one corner of the country to the other. But I do have some fantastic news! One of my paintings, Shadows, was accepted to the Couplings show in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. The artist reception and awards are on February 2nd, and the show runs Feb. 3rd through Feb. 26th. I’ll post more particulars later on.

I have so much to tell but for now I wanted to share what the Whidbey world looked like when Jacob and I arrived from Texas. I should be back to my regular posting schedule next week.


From 70 degrees and sunny to 25 degrees and snowy. Seasons in fast forward.


The morning after we arrived, I caught the sunrise sparkling pink and gold over the newly fallen 5 inches of snow. It was sublime.



The few apples still cleaving to their branches reminded me of Christmas tree bobbles with their little snow caps. Starting to feel festive!


It’s good to be back to the farm and all the delicious perks that come with it.

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