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This Belly

This Belly

August 19th, 2015

Undeniably, there is a certain gravitas to the hugely pregnant belly. It demands respect by virtue of its very existence, its ponderous curvature. It exudes an aura of eminent, profound transition, as a physical manifestation of this ever changing life.

I am fortunate enough to count among my close friends two unbelievably talented photographers, who honored Jacob and I with the gift of maternity photos. Though I have rarely felt less photogenic, I am eternally grateful for their kindness in documenting this incredible time for us.

This first set of photos is from the incomparably lovely and ridiculously accomplished Mercia Moseley.




After suffering through the majority of a summer that has blistered the Northwest with record high heat, we finally bit the bullet and bought a pass to our local outdoor swimming pool. Good gracious, I can’t imagine why we waited so long. (Until now, I’ve been surviving solely by eating ALL THE WATERMELON.)




Not only is swimming an excellent, low impact pregnancy exercise, the accompanying feeling of cool weightlessness is pure delicious pleasure. As an added bonus, I’ve been terrorizing the resident population of teenage girls who gaze in wide eyed horror at the immensity of my belly and exclaim to their little huddle “Oh my gaaawwd!” (As if I can’t hear them…this actually happened. Twice. With different groups, on different occasions.) Better than birth control, me. Parents, take note: just find a nine months pregnant lady in a swimsuit. Oh and incidentally, it was even a modest one-piece.





This second set of photos was taken by my dear co-conspirator in life and immensely talented photographer, Hannah Wahl. These were taken on a particularly balmy evening in the waters of Lake Washington. The somewhat suspect waters I might add, but hey, they look good on film.



At least you can’t see the forest of seaweed that tangled around us like so many tendrils of Sideshow Bob’s hair…



us copy


Towards the end of our shoot, we were blessed by the appearance of the full moon, and Rainier glowing away in characteristic sunset glory.




Incredibly, tomorrow marks 38 weeks (and let me tell you, this belly has grown even more since these photos were taken). Not long to go now!

Kisses, and here’s a little musical interlude for you:

(Due to technical difficulties, the play button doesn’t show, but just click to the far left.)

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