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Three Months

Three Months

December 9th, 2015 1 Comment

What what what?! It seems impossible but yes, Mr. Quentin is three months old today. I’ve snatched a few moments to share some photos from the past month or so (excuse the low quality cell pics…it is now a rare event indeed for mama to be able to bust out the real camera). I would also like to make it known that I do intend to return to other topics one day, but I know you will forgive this doting mother, as my whole world is currently contained within this little man. At any rate, whilst you peruse the below photos, here’s a season appropriate song for your listening pleasure:

Our tiny fellow has developed such personality: charming, engaged, flirtatious, rascally, cuddly, adoring, precocious, curious, funny, alert, and just as he was in my belly, super active! We are so hopeless in love with him.




It’s such a treat and honor to witness the emergence of this little being into consciousness. He has recently become obsessed with his hands (just a few weeks ago, it was his left foot), discovering that they can have an affect on things around him, and of course, the joys of a good fist munching.

IMG_4126 copy


Click this one open for a treat!


He has the most heart-melting, ready smile and burbling chortle, often accompanied by a full body squirm of delight. It is my new favorite thing in the whole world to be on the receiving end of these.



He is also discovering his powers of communication, testing out our response to modulations in volume, pitch, and type of vocalization. I hugely enjoy our many babbling, cooing “conversations” together.





Oh little Q, how we love thee.

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