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Uncommon Objects

Uncommon Objects

October 22nd, 2010

Hello my dears! I hope all of you have had a productive yet relaxing week. Ours has been filled with all the joys, commotion and feasts that go along with entertaining house guests. As a change of pace from the old F-berg, we spent Tuesday in Austin haunting the vintage shops of South Congress.

ink, cotton, ram

One of my absolute favorite places is Austin can be found on this street. Equal parts museum, art gallery, antique market and purveyor of all things curious, Uncommon Objects has something to bewitch everyone.

owls and eyes

The friendly folks behind the counter were kind enough to let me snap a few photos while we marveled at the wondrous objects from large to small, furry to glassy, endearing to disturbing. All credit for the ingeniously creative nature of these photos should go to the very talented proprietors and designers of Uncommon Objects. I merely had to point and shoot.

dishes, skunks, coral

painted clock

elephant corner

If you have the chance to visit Austin, this is one place I would not miss. Though I could take home half the store without so much as blinking, we settled on two beautiful stoppered blue glass bottles for me, and a vintage belt buckle (from Washington!) for Jacob.

bedposts, goggles and letterpress

It would seem that in Austin, there is never a lack of eye candy. Sometimes literally.

swedish fish graffiti

To finish out the day in style, we joined the crowd on the South Congress bridge to watch the bats put on their nightly show. Sadly I was unable to capture the swarm but with a little Googling, you can see what all the fuss is about.

waiting for the bats

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

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