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September 4th, 2015 1 Comment

They call it an estimated due date. Yet after 40 weeks of responding to seemingly endless “When are you due?” inquiries, one does tend to put more weight than is strictly prudent on said date. For us, yesterday was that day. September 3rd. The great Response. But instead of having a baby (in fairness, only 5% of women give birth on their due date), I spent the day tidying up for the umpteenth time and engaging in a bit of light pruning. I’m fairly sure that in my case, the so called “nesting” period right before labor will be difficult to recognize since I’ve already been spied on a step-stool, scrubbing the bathroom ceiling. Yeah.

At any rate, I thought this might be a good time to give you a look at a project I recently completed for the nursery. Designed on a whim, and completely hand-sewn, this little mobile took a fair while, but I think it was worth it.



Eleven tiny raindrops and five tiny stars do take some patience.




Here is the final product in situ. If I were to do it again, I would find some kind of cord to hang the dowel from so it could swivel more freely than on the ribbon which I used for the rest. Ah well.

_MG_3574 copy

_MG_3572 copy

_MG_3571 copy

Our little corner nursery has really come together. All it needs now is a tiny human to make it complete! Until then, I’ve also been distracting myself in the kitchen, throwing together things like this apple sauce to snack on during labor. If there’s any left by then.

_MG_3566 copy

_MG_3567 copy

Finally, here’s a sneak-peek at the completely gorgeous and truly adorable co-sleeper that Jacob made and will soon be featuring in a guest post! Well done my love!

_MG_3547 copy

Doing my best to savor these last days of pregnancy, and enjoy the quiet moments while it’s still just the two of us. Much love to you all.

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One Response to “Waiting”

  1. Lara says:

    Eeek! You two are so cute and creative!! So happy and excited for you.