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Weekend Snapshots

Weekend Snapshots

June 7th, 2011

Hello my darlings! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! My apologies for my silence yesterday, I spent a long weekend on the island with my family, the sunshine, and the barbeque. Saturday dawned gloriously, dazzlingly sunny, reminding us all in Seattle just how beautiful our emerald city can be. We spent most of the morning dashing madly up and down the street for our neighborhood’s annual multi-block garage sale. I could not believe the treasures that some families were practically giving away in front of their gorgeous Queen Anne homes. My sister is in town from NYC, and we celebrated with a family day of croquet, beer, and feasting up on the farm. Here are a few of the sights, smells, and tastes:

garage sale goodies

Our triumphant haul including a vintage bunt pan, mixing bowl, dutch oven, serving plate, brass vase, and a solid steel block plane for Jacob.

iced coffee

sunbeam kitty

Everyone enjoyed the change in the weather.

frisbee, grass


Nature is beginning to unfold her summer finery.

leaves and field

bee sting

With the return of the flowers come the bees, as my cousin unfortunately discovered. Nothing a little baking soda and water won’t fix.

garlic scapes in bag

Garlic scapes!


leaves and fam



garlic scapes

grill, chicken, plate

We feasted on wild sockeye salmon, grilled vegetables, garlic scapes and chanterelles in butter, a green salad from the garden, and everyone’s favorite potato salad.


And all the tasty smells attracted an unwanted visitor.


Have a wonderful week my dears!


For those that are interested, the pink drinks in the featured image are from a batch of Salty Dogs that we made and took to the park. The recipe is very simple: grapefruit juice, gin, lime, and a salt rim. We added sparkling water for a nice fizz. Simple, refreshing, delicious!

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