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Yucatan Part II: Tulum and An Announcement!

Yucatan Part II: Tulum and An Announcement!

March 27th, 2015 2 Comments

After Chichen Itza, we drove the few hours back to the coast, meandering slightly south to the beach town of Tulum. I have mixed feelings about this place. Having heard nothing but glowing reviews from friends and other bloggers, I was perhaps expecting more. However, if you are looking for a lovely resort town with a heavily ex-pat community, Tulum is for you. For Jacob and I, it wasn’t quite our cup of tea. Beautiful ocean, absolutely. Friendly people, oh most certainly. Mayan ruins, trendy restaurants, and Californian-run coffee shops? Check, check and check. But (with the risk of sounding like a travel snob) for us it just felt a bit to over-built. So much so, I didn’t really take any photos of the town itself.

_MG_2675 copy

On the morning of my birthday, we headed over to the Tulum ruins. This time we beat neither the crowds, nor the sun, though we were in the site by 9:30am. You would not believe the lengths I went to in order to get shots without (hordes of) people in them.

_MG_2626 copy

_MG_2616 copy

_MG_2661 copy

_MG_2662 copy

_MG_2644 copy

_MG_2658 copy

_MG_2664 copy

_MG_2652 copy

_MG_2688 copy

_MG_2693 copy

_MG_2629 copy

You see?

_MG_2671 copy

It had the feeling of a theme park, with strict, roped off pathways following a prescribed route. Unfortunate, as the ruins themselves were magnificent, perched atop the craggy cliffs, overlooking little white-sand coves and the turquoise sea.

_MG_2696 copy

The heat was nothing to joke about, as we found when we had the opportunity to help a dehydrated little girl and her flustered grandparents.

We went directly from the ruins to Gran Cenote, our second day in a row as this was probably my favorite thing about Tulum. The town has many of these incredible natural pools, created by sinkholes and underground cave systems filled with ground water. As with most good things, you have to time your enjoyment to avoid the crowds, but even with a moderate group, the cenotes are divine. Snorkels are a must, so you can get a sense of the cenote’s true nature. What you see from the surface is a fraction of the real size and majesty. Hundreds choose to dive the complex and extensive flooded cave systems, but as someone who is neither a diver, nor particularly comfortable with closed in spaces, this was not something we pursued.

_MG_2727 copy

Documenting the beauty of Gran Cenote was nearly impossible, with the bright midday sun, the indigo waters, and shadowy cave mouths, but I hope these photos can give you at least a hint.

_MG_2719 copy

_MG_2726 copy

_MG_2732 copy

_MG_2722 copy

_MG_2714 copy

_MG_2712 copy

Cooled down and refreshed, we headed to our favorite taco shop for lunch. I wish I could tell you the name of this place, but we honestly don’t know. Signs out front simply read “Fish Tacos $1.” I can say that it was on the main road through the pueblo (not to be confused with the single resort strip along the beach), adjacent to an Italian place called “Sale e Pepe”.”

_MG_2736 copy

The tacos were fresh and delicious, and I’m afraid we hungry travelers snapped them up before I could get a picture. As recompense, here is a meal from Valladolid…


I loved the feel of this place. The clichéd word “authentic” comes to mind, but at any rate it was small, clean, and simple, with unique touches, an open kitchen, and friendly staff.

_MG_2742 copy

_MG_2741 copy

_MG_2759 copy

_MG_2761 copy

After lunch, it was off to the beach. Almost exclusively accessed through the resorts and “beach clubs,” we chose to take our seaside time on the commodious chairs of The Zebra, a sister hotel of our own.

_MG_2791 copy

And it is here, dear readers, without further pomp or preamble, that I am delighted to announce we are expecting our first child! In the photo below, I was a few days over 15 weeks along. Our tiny human is due to make an appearance September 3rd. We are waiting until birth to find out the gender. I can’t think of a more wonderful surprise!

_MG_2787 copy

Bonus belly shot of me enjoying the world’s largest and most delicious birthday papaya at Gran Cenote.


You may have noticed a lack of photos of me, and now you know why. Here’s a few which show not only my pregnant self, but also demonstrate Jacob’s favorite vacation pastime: taking pictures of me taking pictures. These are from Valladolid.


yellow and red

To top off my big 30th celebration, we dined at the beautiful Pinterest-bait that is Posada Margherita. I say that because every direction you turn, a new charmingly constructed assemblage of antiqued and found items begs to be photographed.

_MG_2804 copy

_MG_2822 copy

_MG_2817 copy

_MG_2828 copy

But Posada is not just a pretty face, as the Italian staff will be happy to tell you. The food is incredible, and this from a girl who has spent more than a year eating her way through Italy.

_MG_2831 copy

_MG_2837 copy

This being something of an occasion, I went all out and ordered the special: fresh, handmade linguine with shrimp and lobster. Oh. Holy. Mother. So scrumptious.

_MG_2835 copy

_MG_2812 copy

_MG_2810 copy

Thank you everyone for your kind words and support over the years. We are so excited for this new leg of our journey together!

IMG_2654 copy

Much love!

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2 Responses to “Yucatan Part II: Tulum and An Announcement!”

  1. Erica says:

    I am ecstatically happy to read this news! My deep congratulations to you both Danielle and Jacob- I am so very happy for you!
    As soon as I saw the word announcement- I knew- as I’m sure all your readers did that this was the moment we were waiting for.
    much love and joy to you both

  2. Scott McCall says:

    Birdy! Holy s*** congrats to you and Jacob! We should hang sometime soon-