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Veggie Scrap Stock

Veggie Scrap Stock

August 13th, 2010

If there is one thing (and in fact there are many) that my mother taught me it is “waste not want not” when it comes to food. This is in fact not a true recipe but a simple habit to get into if you are a like minded-individual.

In any busy kitchen, there is constant stream of bits and pieces being trimmed, cut, and peeled off of vegetables. The fact is that these seemingly useless scraps are in fact the makings of a simple, tasty broth. Gather the scraps in a sealed container in your refrigerator and let them collect for no more than a week. Some of my favorite stock makers are onion cast offs (though not the paper-like peel), celery leaves, parsley or other herb stems, and of course the all important parmesan rind. At the end of the week, or every few days, plop all of your scraps into a stockpot, cover with water, add a pinch of salt and let simmer for several hours until the broth is very aromatic and the color has deepened. I generally put it to simmer and go about my business for the day. When you’ve deemed it finished (this isn’t rocket science after all), strain and either freeze or use within the week.


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