Dizzy Swallows

Salt Spring Island, Part 2

September 2nd, 2011

Our second day on Salt Spring dawned sunny and fresh. The tide had slipped away in the night, leaving the dark rocks naked and glistening green with seaweed.

Coffee never tasted so delicious.

After making ourselves decent for public viewing, we wound our way back to town for ice and to see the sights.

The largest town on Salt Spring is Ganges, a friendly, buzzing little metropolis curled round a small marina.

There are several parks scattered about town, with inviting lawns and charming residents.

As it so happened, Saturday was market day and our ears brought us to the music pagoda, complete with dancing hippies. This is an island after all. We hippies love an island.

But even I was surprised by a certain pastime in which three local girls were happily engaged. Chicken tossing. Yes. The three were gently tossing a fluffy, speckled bantam hen from one loving … Continue reading

Salt Spring Island, Part 1

August 31st, 2011 2 Comments

Hello darlings! No indeed, I have not forgotten about you! We got back from camping late Monday night and yesterday was something of a scramble to catch up with work. My goodness, the things that pile up when you’re unplugged from the internet…

But without further ado, I’m going to jump right into scenes from our camping trip on Salt Spring Island. It was one of those rare vacations where everything goes smoothly, from traffic, to the ferry, from the weather, to snagging a choice campsite.

My habitual ire with ferries does not, as yet, extent to the B.C. Ferries. Though we were on the “milk-run”, which stops at all of the major Gulf Islands and takes roughly 3 hours, there was no dawdling and we departed every stop with commendable punctuality.

The view wasn’t half bad either, with the characteristic rocky crags of Pacific Northwest islands rising from … Continue reading


August 24th, 2011

A scant few weeks after Jacob and I began dating we drove out of LA in my old beater car (miss you Max!) for a week of camping. That first trip is still one of our favorites. We stayed in both Joshua Tree and Death Valley, enjoying the wilderness and all the (tiny, deserted) back-roads in between.

Camping to me is synonymous with summer. I’ve lost count of the family trips we took growing up, often, as teenagers, having to be dragged bodily to the car with the dire threat: “You’ll thank me later!” Well, thanks Mom. Even those times spent huddled, miserable, and damp under a tarp with the rain sluicing down around us have been folded into my undying love of camping.

Though this summer has thus far offered a sad dearth of camping opportunities, I am delighted to tell you that on Friday we will be … Continue reading